Exhibit Explores George Custer's Life Before His Last Stand

May 24, 2018

General Custer in Blue and Green by Earl Bliss.
Credit 1996. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Israel of Aspen, Colorado. Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

George Custer is most famous for the battle he did not survive: The Battle of the Little Bighorn. Popularly known as “Custer’s Last Stand,” it took place in Montana Territory against a coalition of Native American tribes. But a new exhibition at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West portrays Custer and his wife, Libby’s, personal possessions in an effort to create a picture not focused on his last battle.

Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska speaks with Jeremy Johnston, the curator of the Buffalo Bill Museum, during the installation of the exhibit about his Civil War career, his time out West and how vital his wife, Libby, was to saving his memory.