Evening Art Museum Conversations

Oct 31, 2016

“Morpheus” is among works in the exhibition “Waste Land: A Survey of Works by Brandon Ballengée, 1996-2016,” on view through Saturday, Dec. 17, at the UW Art Museum.

On November 1, the University of Wyoming Art Museum will host Evening Conversations with Curators.

The event is part of the on-going Earth, Wind and Water program, and will spotlight the museum’s November exhibit Waste Land: A Survey of Works by Brandon Ballengée, 1996-2016. Master Teacher Heather Bender will be one of the hosts for the event, and said she looks forward to discussing such an interested mixed media exhibit.

“The title Waste Land is based on a T.S. Elliot poem. This blending species and habitat and ecosystems in with the artistic process, it’s not something you typically see, but hopefully it’s designed in a way to spur thought and conversation,” said Bender.

In addition to Bender, Curator Nicole Crawford will also host, and the two will be available for an open Q&A session to discuss the unique blend of art and science.

“The minerals and other things that are in our bones, in our hair, in our blood are connected to the places in which we’ve lived. We’re not just removed from our world; we are very much an integral part of it,” said Bender.

The goal of the night is to bring the artwork to life through the stories behind their creation. The evening begins at 6 p.m. in the Museum’s art galleries, and the exhibit will be on display until December 17.