Europe’s Wild Side on Display at National Museum of Wildlife Art

Oct 16, 2013

Credit National Museum of Wildlife Art

The government shutdown has hobbled Teton County, gateway to two national parks. But just south of the barricades, the National Museum of Wildlife Art offers dramatic views of wild animals in a new photo exhibit.

When the parks are open, tourists cruising by might miss the museum discretely built into the hillside. With the parks closed, fewer tourists are making the trip. Being overlooked is a theme in a new exhibit ‘The Wild Wonders of Europe.’ Museum president and CEO Jim McNutt says it shows wildlife can be seen in unexpected places.

“Part of the genesis of this exhibit was to demonstrate to people that wild animals are still living in Europe, sometimes in the middle of urban environments, like London, where there’s a picture of a fox against a car.”

The photos of ospreys and pelicans, musk oxen and bears, sharks and seals, are large, vibrant, and color saturated. ‘Wild Wonders of Europe’ is part of the largest-ever conservation photography initiative, featuring the best of 200-thousand images by dozens of nature photographers. The exhibit runs through January 5, 2014.