Enzi opposes gun legislation

Apr 12, 2013

U-S Senator Mike Enzi says he will continue to oppose new federal gun laws

. He says current gun laws go unenforced and that proposed legislation infringes on the public’s second amendment rights. 

Enzi answered questions about the gun bills from Wyoming citizens in a recorded statement.  He says gun rights are cherished in Wyoming…but he shares some concerns about the recent gun deaths of children.                   

“No one supports or will defend violence on the death of children, that’s terrible.  And one thing of the things we’ve got to do as a nation and as parents is to be sure that our kids understand is that they are not supposed to kill other people.  They are especially not supposed to kill themselves.”

Enzi says media has also played a role in this violent behavior.  He says infringing on basic constitutional rights with expanded background checks is not going to solve the problem.  The U-S Senate will debate gun legislation next week.