Energy Job Fair Attracts Fewer Employers This Year

Sep 26, 2016

Students and staff from the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous 2016.
Credit Remington Reitsma

The downturn in the energy industry over the last couple years has left a scarcity of jobs for many college graduates from the University of Wyoming, and across the country.

Over the weekend, the University of Wyoming hosted the annual geosciences job fair which hoped to help the problem. But the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous job fair has seen better years. In the past the job fair has hosted up to 32 companies, and this year there were only six. Even so, Matt Rhoads, a graduate student from Illinois State, said he wasn't discouraged.

"I've heard from other workers in the industry and yeah, things are grim. But, you know, they're still hiring. For the most part, they're just more competitive. So it kind of motivates me to bring my 'A' game," said Rhoads.

Mississippi State graduate student Patrick Jordan said that events like this are valuable to him.

"I'm focused with petroleum geology so these types of events are very unique to where, as students we get to present our research, and there's a handful of companies that we get to interact with and get feedback and how that aligns with their company. So it's a really good experience to where we can actually do these kinds of things," said Jordan.

Students also have another opportunity to connect with employers at the Geological Society of America's annual meeting, which runs from Sept. 25-28.