Employer Lays Off About 40 Percent Of Laramie Staff

Aug 9, 2018

Job listings posted on Plenty's website including an IT position in Laramie
Credit Plenty

After just one year with a Wyoming facility, Plenty cut 23 of only 55 positions at the site Tuesday. Plenty is an indoor farming company based out of San Francisco. In June 2017, the company purchased the Laramie-based start-up Bright Agrotech.

The company’s goal is to sell pesticide-free, local crops to major population centers. Laramie’s site has been used as a test facility researching how its crops can best be grown elsewhere while also attaining the best taste and highest nutrition levels. But the site has also employed engineers, project managers, and salespeople.

A Plenty representative explained the site in Laramie will no longer take on those fields, with a new sole focus on plant science and R&D (research and development).

A representative said no more layoffs are expected and the company plans to grow Laramie’s staff past what it was before the cuts. There are still three positions advertised in Laramie, including one in IT. The positions eliminated in Wyoming won’t be refilled in California.