Education Funding Cuts Discussed

Feb 10, 2020


During his State of the State message, Gov. Mark Gordon indicated that there is a need to reduce education spending.

One idea is to look at what students are required to learn and possibly make adjustments. The suggestion is viewed as a strategy to reduce education funding.

House Minority Leader Cathy Connolly strongly opposes that idea. Connolly said that she'd be ok with updating requirements, but "not as a means to saving money."

Sundance Representative Tyler Lindholm said reducing education spending is a topic that comes up a lot.

"How do we reduce the spending levels so that the state of Wyoming is not left holding this deficit? That's what we're all terrified of right now and understandably so," he said.

Lindholm said using technology should naturally reduce costs, but he added that people he talks to want to keep funding teacher salaries at a robust level. Riverton Senator Eli Bebout would like to reduce education spending and use those reductions on other needs like state employee salaries.

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