Education Foundation Supports Sheridan College In Producing Masks For Health Care Workers

Apr 13, 2020

Credit Sheridan College

A local education foundation, Whitney Benefits, has donated a 3D printer along with supplies to Sheridan College.

Its donation will help the college to make personal protective equipment, or (PPE) in response to an increase in demand after one of the college's printers broke. The gift totals approximately $28,000.

Foundation President Roy Garber said the gift is very timely, but the printer will also be useful once the pandemic has passed.

"It stays right on in the school and carries on right in their curriculum for all sorts of programs they use 3D printing for," he said.

That includes classes like art, engineering, computer-aided drafting and machine tooling.

Garber said beyond the college, this donation will also benefit the community.

"[It's] maybe not directly related to education initially but will have a positive fallout for education and the community's health. Hopefully, community health being the first part and then moving right into what we do at the college to help prepare young people for careers," he said.

Northern Wyoming Community College District President Walter Tribley said the donation exemplifies community collaboration during this pandemic.

"That kind of teamwork and coordination is impressive and demonstrates the kind of ingenuity and attitude we strive to instill in all of our students," Tribley said in a news release.

The Whitney Benefits's mission is to support education in Sheridan County. The foundation's mission also includes building community centers and providing interest free student loans. Garber said over the years the foundation has given about $55 million to Sheridan College.

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