Edible Marijuana Bill Survives House Committee

Mar 6, 2018

The issue of making edible marijuana a felony is still alive...for now. The House Judiciary Committee voted to advance a heavily amended bill that is much different than the Senate version. 

Byron Oedekoven discusses edibles with the House Judiciary Committee
Credit Bob Beck

The problem is that some judges won’t sentence someone for a felony of procession of edible marijuana. John Knepper of the Wyoming Attorney General’s office says they are starting to see serious problems with edible marijuana in the state.

“I’m aware of one reported case where the facts included Mom providing THC gummy bears to the child as a health thing, thinking that would help her child feel better.”

The amended House bill says it’s a felony if someone has 36-ounces of edible marijuana in their possession, which is much higher than the Senate’s proposed three-ounces. It also has graduated penalties, with limited punishment for the first and second offense. 

Law Enforcement Lobbyist Byron Oedekoven said allowing 36-ounces is too high. The bill heads to the House floor for further debate.