Eastern Wyoming College "Full Steam Ahead" For Fall Semester

Jul 16, 2020

Credit Eastern Wyoming College

Goshen County has had only a few confirmed coronavirus cases. And the community college there, Eastern Wyoming College, is planning to launch the semester, as usual, at the end of August.

The college will require masks on campus and ask students to quarantine themselves for two weeks prior to the first day of school.

Director of College Relations Tami Afdahl said students will likely have a mix of virtual and in-person coursework.

"We will likely see more blended courses where they have classroom time and online components," she said. "But as of right now, we are planning on basically full steam ahead with a fall semester that involves face-to-face classes."

Custodial staff will provide more frequent cleaning and sanitization. And, classrooms will be rearranged with social distance in mind.

Afdahl said the college is moving its fall break from October to late November, and encouraging students and faculty to stick with online instruction for the final weeks of the semester.

"The changes to the academic calendar, they're intended to reduce the number of students and faculty returning to on-campus instruction following Thanksgiving," Afdahl said.

The college's plan is still being developed and some details, such as residence hall capacity, will depend on how the pandemic develops over the coming months.

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