Eastern Shoshone Tribe Has Yet to Account For Stimulus Funds

Jul 17, 2012

According to the federal Recovery, Accountability and Transparency Board – the body responsible for monitoring money from President Obama’s economic stimulus program – 303 recipients nationwide have failed to file financial reports to show how they used the money. One is in Wyoming. Ed Pound is with the Transparency Board. He says there are quite a few entities that are out of compliance. "We had the Milwaukee county transit system didn’t report on 25.6 million dollars,” says Pound. “Northrup Grumman didn’t report on a 3.1-million dollar contract. And out in your area we’ve had one small tribe that didn’t file on a couple of small grants: The Eastern Shoshone tribe." The Eastern Shoshone is the only recipient in the state in non-compliance with the federal requirement to submit quarterly reports. Arizona has nine non-compliant recipients; and California, which has 28.  Pound says that for 46-percent of non-compliant stimulus recipients, the money came from the Department of Justice.  According to the federal recovery website, the grants to the tribe were to be used for traffic checkpoints, and increased police presence.  A representative of the Eastern Shoshone could not be reached for comment.