Draft Plan For Moose-Wilson Road Released

Oct 30, 2015

The National Park Service's draft plan for the Moose-Wilson corridor road in Grand Teton National Park is getting mixed reviews.

The 674-page  plan lays out four alternatives for the road, but endorses “Alternative C.” That plan would limit the number of cars allowed to be on the road, pave the road to provide for better bicycle access, and add a new ranger kiosk, among other things.

Sharon Mader is the Grand Teton Program Manager for the National Parks Conservation Association, a private park advocacy group. She says her group supports the Park Service’s preferred plan.

“We believe this should be a park destination, rather than a transportation route from Teton County into the park.”

But some groups in Teton County are disappointed that the preferred alternative limits access and does not include a bike path. The group Friends of Pathways calls alternative C a “big disappointment.”

The National Park Service draft plan is open to public review and comment for the next 60 days. The plan will be finalized by next summer.

You can see the draft plan at www.go.nps.gov/mwplan