DKRW asks for another construction delay for its coal-to-liquids facility

Sep 23, 2013

DKRW Advanced Fuels, the company that’s proposing to build a coal-to-liquids conversion facility near Medicine Bow, has submitted yet another request to delay construction. The company announced its latest construction schedule in June. It's now asking to place that schedule on hold for up to 30 months. At the end of that period it would either provide all necessary information – including a new construction schedule, socioeconomic analysis, and updated housing plan – or lose its permit.   

In a letter submitted Friday, DKRW says it’s asking to do that so it can address concerns about scheduling and project impacts. They haven't proposed a date to resume construction, but say they’ll submit updated information half a year before resuming work.

Luke Esch administers the Wyoming Industrial Siting Division. He says it’s an interesting pitch.

“It is just a unique proposal. We really haven’t seen a proposed amendment like this before. But I would say it’s an interesting proposal as well because it does offer finality. With the 30 months, if they fail to meet that, the permit terminates, and I think that’s an interesting aspect of it,” says Esch.       

The Industrial Siting Division and Council are meeting October 1st but won't make a decision on DKRW’s proposal until later this year, after the public has had a chance to review it.