DIY And Maker Art Comes To Jackson

Jul 17, 2015

Adrienne Adar, "Sonic Succulents, Living Interactive Sound Objects"
Credit Art Association of Jackson Hole

An exhibit opening at the Art Association of Jackson Hole questions the role of technology in our lives. “Physico Electro: An Exhibition of DIY and Maker Art” features work by six artists from across the country. Two Brooklyn artists, Dave Sheinkopf and Daniel Kent, are also teaching a class about DIY art in conjunction with the exhibition. Sheinkopf says DIY—or Do It Yourself—art asks viewers to look at technology from a new angle.

“It just kind of brings up another way that people feel about technology right now, and the security and the legality and all that stuff is that everyone has literally no idea how to feel about it,” says Sheinkopf.

“So in a sense we enjoy these new technologies and while they may make our lives easier, I guess it’s maybe like eating a big thing of French fries,” adds Kent. “It tastes pretty good, and you’re kind of happy but in a sense you know it’s killing you in a way,” he says.

Kent and Sheinkopf compare themselves to villains in a James Bond movie.

“We’re just trying to be good, working for the bad guys,” says Sheinkopf. The artists say they try to expose technology’s negativite side, but they use technology to do so. This simultaneous reliance on and distrust of technology informs their art.

The exhibition opens July 17th. The closing reception in August will also display work completed in the class the two artists are teaching.