Dewey - Cody, WY

Feb 25, 2020

I carry a torch for Wyoming Public Radio (and especially Wyoming Sounds when it is not stuttering badly) because the FM radio landscape in northwest Wyoming is dark and full of horrible sounds. My town of Cody is home to a conglomerate of nine commercial radio stations under one roof, and they all totally degrade radio broadcasting with way more noise than signal. The audio landscape is largely a zombie apocalypse of relentlessly repetitious canned pop music beamed in from far off realms; yammering sports pundits who speak in tongues; some really disturbed talk radio cretins who all seem to be pathological liars with ruby throats exhibiting cult-like behavior. Worst of all is the endless sonic blizzard of Really Bad Advertising. If that was all one heard, it would be easy to think that civilization as we know it is disintegrating of its own self infliction.

Thankfully there are sanctuaries. They are on islands, and are known as Public Radio. They are salvation to those of us who value open mindedness, appreciate the positive value of information, and love culture. As the world descends into a Dystopia of disinformation and divisiveness, Public Radio is a beacon of hope, an antidote for the zombie apocalypse that is commercial radio.