DEQ: Woods Landing Spill Causes 'Minimal Impact'

May 24, 2019

Credit Davide Restivo via Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

When a semitrailer crashed near Woods Landing earlier this month, it spilled its cargo - water produced during oil and gas extraction - with some of it reaching the nearby Woods Creek.

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality spokesman Keith Guille said soil and water samples taken in the area show the impacts to the creek and surrounding areas were minimal, though the department does not know how much produced water reached the stream.

"That waterway is pretty high and it's moving pretty fast, so you have a lot of dilution factor," Guille said. "There's not much more you can do when you have a spill like that that reaches a waterway. By the time we get there, there's not a lot of action you can take on that stream."

Guille said the DEQ requires all spills to be reported within 24 hours of when they happen, but added the department appreciates citizens calling in when they notice something.