Dennison Lodge – Dubois

May 28, 2014

The Dennison Lodge is an historic lodge which was moved to Dubois and is used for many social events. The Live from the Dennison concert series, held at the Dennison Lodge, is an innovative concept drawing musicians from across the country.

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(Excerpts from A Brief History of the Dennison Lodge by Eugenia Christensen)

   “Dennison did not intend for his ranch to be a paying dude ranch like some around Dubois. His guests were the rich and famous of the world and their visits were by invitation only. Clark Gable and Carol Lombard were two visitors and once offered to purchase the ranch for half-a-million-dollars but Dennison refused the offer.”

   “In the early 1990s the Game and Fish bought the property from Gerry Spence. Their goal was to restore the area to its natural state, removing all buildings, fences and other obstructions to the elk herd migration. The Dennison Lodge was destined to be burned.”

   “Sharon Kahin, director of the Dubois Museum, heard of the plan to destroy the historic building. The museum already had collected half-a-dozen small historic log buildings and the lodge would be a fitting finale to the complex. Besides saving the building, Sharon saw an opportunity to obtain for the museum a structure large enough to provide space for meetings, programs and Elderhostels. She promptly contacted administrators of the Game and Fish Department and asked if the museum could move the building to its property and restore it.”

   “On July 4, 1999 the Dennison Lodge was opened to the public with a barbecue. About two hundred and seventy-five people attended and expressed their appreciation for this segment of the Wind River Valley history.”

During the following years the building has been used for wedding receptions, graduation parties, lectures, concerts, museum board meetings and three Elder hostels.

Courtesy of A Brief History of the Dennison Lodge by Eugenia Christensen.

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