Democrats push for Medicaid expansion

Dec 9, 2013

Two Democratic members of the legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee criticized Governor Mead’s decision not to expand Medicaid Services. 

At today’s/Monday’s meeting, Senator John Hastert said Mead’s dislike of the Affordable Care Act has nothing to do with expanding Medicaid and helping Wyoming’s poor get insurance. 

Representative Ken Esquibel noted that despite concerns with the A-C-A, other states are having great success with Medicaid expansion.  He urged Mead to keep an open mind and review those successes.

“It’s just our hope that we are looking to see what other states are doing, some are much larger than the state of Wyoming and accepting larger amounts of federal money.  And as you know, as time goes on we get a smaller proportion of that federal money.  

Mead said he questions the federal government’s ability to pay for those Medicaid costs.