Democrats Echo Mead, Cuts Went Too Deep

Feb 13, 2018

In his State of the State message, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead said during the economic downturn some budget cuts went too deep, including those felt by the Department of Health and the Department of Family Services.

Laramie Representative Charles Pelkey, a Democrat, said he agrees.

Senate Minority Leader Chris Rothfuss
Credit Bob Beck

“The problem is that some people want to cut, they’ll save a dollar,” said Pelkey. “But ten years down the road we’re spending 20 to rectify the problem that was created. I think we have some responsible people on Joint Appropriations Committee this year, and I think we’ll hammer it out.”

Pelkey added there's a contingent in the legislature that really wants to cut.  Senate Minority Leader Chris Rothfuss said they need more revenue, but bills that would provide the state with more money were defeated before the session began.