Democrat Tim Chestnut will face Senator John Barrasso

Aug 22, 2012

U-S Senator John Barrasso easily won his primary election last night and will face Albany County Commissioner Tim Chestnut in the upcoming general election.  One of the issues that will be debated will be the inability of Congress to work together.  But Barrasso says that’s been over stated.               

“Worked together with Mark Udall from Colorado on public lands and ski resorts on recreation to bring more business to the Rocky Mountain West.  Worked on an issue for the reservation called the Hearth Act. It was recently passed, so there are bipartisan things that are getting done, but they don’t get much news or attention.”

Another issue will be the Affordable Care Act.  Barrasso wants to start the legislation over from scratch, but while Chestnut supportssome fixes to the law, he says it’s a good place to start in reforming health care.  Chestnut adds that Barrasso has already had plenty of chances to fix it…

 "He sat back in the wings and didn’t participate in the forming of the affordable care act and then just bashed it when it was over.  I think a Physician should have been at the forefront.”

Chestnut admits that money and name recognition will be a challenge in the campaign, but he is looking forward to discussing the issues.