Democrat Supports Changes To The ACA

May 6, 2016

Wyoming’s Democratic Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives says the Affordable Care Act has helped many citizens in the state, but he adds that it can be improved.  

Ryan Greene

Rock Springs resident Ryan Greene says there are a number of reforms that could help, but Congress has to stop trying to kill the ACA and instead look to fix it. He says there are problems with the current system.

“We pay twice as much for name brand prescription’s as any other nation on earth. Why? And then I can get my car insurance from Chicago, but I have to get my health insurance from Wyoming.”

Greene says if Wyoming residents could buy health insurance out of state, it would drastically reduce health care costs  for Wyoming citizens by increasing competition. 

He says the GOP’s insistence on killing the ACA without a plan to fill the gap for those who could lose their insurance is not a solution and a waste of taxpayers’ money.