December 9th, 2016

Credit Aaron Schrank

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Teachers Help Students Cope with Uneasy Election

Emotions are running high following the 2016 presidential election. Educators in Jackson are helping their large number of Mexican students cope with emotions they may be encountering at home. Rebecca Huntington has more.


On Rural Reservations, Homelessness Less Visible Than Elsewhere

There’s a housing crisis going on at the Wind River Indian Reservation in central Wyoming. For its growing population of 15-thousand residents, there aren’t nearly enough homes to go around…and very little funding to build more. The problem has led to high rates of homelessness in Fremont County. But on rural reservations like Wind River, homelessness doesn’t look much like it does in big cities. Wyoming Public Radio’s Melodie Edwards explains.


Russian Cowboys Learn To Wrangle A Brand New Beef Industry

In Wyoming, many ranching families have been raising beef cattle for generations. Cowboys are born here and raised learning the trade. But Russia, across the ocean, has never had a beef industry. In an effort to limit food imports like beef and build up food security, the government has been generously helping companies, with loans and subsidies, to establish beef operations. The companies have set up ranches, and imported beef cows and technology, but one thing they could not import was the workforce. The cowboy. Irina Zhorov takes us to a Russian rodeo, where fledgling Russian cowboys are trying to prove that producing beef, domestically, is possible. 


Recruiting Is Key To Boosting Number Of Women In Elected Office

When the Wyoming legislature convenes in January, it will see even fewer women in its ranks than it did before. Wyoming already had the lowest percentage of female legislators of any state in the country. In the last story in the Women Run The West series, Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard reports part of the problem still lies in recruitment.


Reporters Discuss Why Women Aren't Winning Legislative Races In The West


Over the last year, Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard and Jennifer Pemberton, formerly of Utah Public Radio and currently working for KTOO in Juneau, Alaska, have tracked the political representation of women in western states in the collaboration Women Run The West.  The series, which was part of NPR’s first Audio Storytelling Workshop, looked at why women are represented in such low numbers, how individual women decide to run for office, and what political parties and organizations are doing to increase the number of women in politics. Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck sat down with Ballard and Pemberton to hear more about what they found. 


Governor Mead Discusses His Budget Proposal

After several months of budget cuts, it was a surprise to some that the governor did not propose any more reductions in his supplemental budget.  He will present that budget to the legislature’s joint appropriations committee on Monday.  Prior to that meeting the governor has agreed to join us to discuss his budget strategy.