December 21st, 2018

Credit Tennessee Watson

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A Reopened Clergy Abuse Investigation Highlights Why Police Need Sexual Violence Training

Sixteen years ago, the Cheyenne Police Department received a report that a former Catholic Bishop had sexually abused a teenage boy in the 1970s. The lead detective told the prosecutor there was no evidence and the case was closed. Earlier this year that case was reopened and multiple victims have since come forward. This second chance at justice reflects how law enforcement attitudes toward sexual abuse are starting to change.

Father And Daughter Discuss Catholic Influence And Abuse On The Wind River Reservation

Earlier this month, the Jesuit order of the Catholic Church released a list of priests who have credible accusations of sexual abuse against them. Two of the priests—Paul Pilgram and Anthony Short—served at Saint Stephens Mission on the Wind River Reservation in the 1970s and 80s. 

Driver's Licenses May Be On Your Phone Soon

What do driving and buying a six pack of beer have in common? You usually need to have your license. But what if you could use your smartphone instead? Four states are testing out digital driver's licenses, and two are right here in the Mountain West - Colorado and Wyoming.

Big Tow Bills In Wyoming

Can you imagine paying a tow bill of six figures? In an effort to stop this type of gouging, the Wyoming Highway Patrol has appointed a "Tow Coordinator" based in Cody. He's working to make a change statewide.

Gordon Ready To Become Governor

Wyoming's next Governor Mark Gordon has been holed up trying to hire a staff, while also trying to get prepared for the legislative session. He took a few minutes to tell Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck what he's been up to since the election.

Wind Energy Capacity To More Than Double In Wyoming After Years Of Stagnancy

Seven states have wind energy projects underway that will double their capacities - the total amount of electricity that could be generated by wind. Wyoming - the largest coal-producing state - is among them. Wyoming Public Radio's Cooper McKim reports the surge comes after a decade of almost no growth in the state.

Dentist Office On Wheels: Bringing Brighter Smiles To The Wind River Reservation

Kids from rural communities still have a hard time getting to see the dentist. But that's especially on the Wind River Reservation. Lack of reliable transportation and long distances into town can make it hard to get to town for a checkup. 

CWD Detected In Teton County, Do Elk Feed Grounds Need To Go?

Chronic Wasting Disease is a contagious brain disease affecting deer, elk and moose that usually leads to death.  In November, it was in Teton County for the first time. It’s been present in other parts of Wyoming for a while.  Some biologists and wildlife managers are afraid the infectious disease will transmit to elk - especially feed ground elk - with dire consequences. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska reports from one of the most famous feed grounds, The National Elk Refuge.

NOLS President John Gans Will Retire At The End Of The Year

The longtime President of the National Outdoor Leadership School or NOLS is stepping down this month.  John Gans actually started with the organization in 1979 and became its president in the early 90s and oversaw some tremendous growth. Gans has been named a White House Champion for Change and has received a number of state and community awards. He joins us to discuss NOLS and the outdoors.