December 1st, 2017

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Educators Hear Support From Consultants For Current Funding Model

A Wyoming legislative committee been looking to trim education spending out of what is called the school funding model. A Denver-based consulting firm is in the process of reviewing the model to determine how much actually needs to be spent on education in the state. It presented some initial findings this week. Wyoming Public Radio’s education reporter Tennessee Watson sat down with Campbell County District #1 Superintendent Boyd Brown and Converse County District #1 Superintendent Paige Fenton Hughes to get their reaction to what they’ve heard so far. 

Scissors, Comb, Domestic Violence Prevention: Coalition Wants To Add Training To Hairdresser's Tools

For many women, getting their haircut means going to the same stylist every 6 weeks for years, or even decades. In an effort to take advantage of those enduring ties, the Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault is training beauticians to recognize the signs of abuse and how to help. But as Wyoming Public Radio’s Maggie Mullen reports, getting the program off the ground is slow going.

New Series Explores Unlikely Paths Of Wyoming Women

The new podcast and photography series “Women In Wyoming” profiles accomplished women living in the Equality State. Its creator photographer Lindsay Linton Buk grew up in Powell thinking that in order to be successful in life she would eventually have to leave the state. As an adult she moved to New York City to work as a photographer, but came back to Wyoming contemplate her next move. She told Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard that her project “Women in Wyoming” came out of the desire to see how other women in Wyoming were thriving.

Passage Of A Broad Energy Bill May Be Tougher Than Before

Wyoming’s Republicans in Washington are hoping to pass broad energy policy in this congressional session, after inter-party squabbling in the GOP derailed the effort last year. Correspondent Matt Laslo has the story from Washington on how hopes are still dim for passing a broad energy bill.

Energy Dominance A Theme In D.C.

It’s been a busy week for energy in Washington D.C. While you may only be hearing about the tax debate in Congress, new bills are moving forward that relate to energy development out west. Wyoming Public Radio’s Cooper McKim speaks with Dylan Brown — a reporter for E & E news covering coal and mining to give some background on what’s being discussed and what it means.   

Wyoming Nears Finish Line In Clean Coal Project

Wyoming’s biggest bet on clean coal is almost finished. The Integrated Test Center outside Gillette aims to host researchers who are finding ways to turn carbon emissions into marketable products. But what does this test center and clean coal mean for the state, the coal industry or climate change? Inside Energy’s Madelyn Beck takes us on a 360 degree view of clean coal to answer that question. 

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort President Will Be Stepping Down

The longtime President of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Jerry Blann is stepping down next year. He has overseen major changes at the resort since 1995. He joins Bob Beck to discuss how his vision became a reality.

Center Of The West Reaches Over 25,000 Students Annually Through Virtual Field Trips

Teachers and educators globally are beginning to incorporate technology more in their classrooms. Microsoft’s Skype in the Classroom breaks the walls of classrooms allowing students to take virtual field trips to museums, zoos and other institutions. One of the facilities is the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody. The museum has situated itself to be one of the program’s most prolific partners. Wyoming Public Radio’s Kamila Kudelska joined a lesson at the center.