December 13th, 2019

Credit State of Wyoming

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Sheridan's Food Group Inspires Wyoming First Lady's New Hunger Initiative

More than 70,000 Wyomingites face problems with food insecurity. And it’s a problem many communities are trying to tackle. Now, Wyoming’s First Lady Jennie Gordon has announced her new Wyoming Hunger Initiative that’s focused on addressing this issue. Wyoming Public Radio’s Catherine Wheeler visited the food charity that got Gordon interested.

"We're Not Separate From Nature": Northern Arapaho Activist Attends UN Climate Talks

For the last couple of weeks, world leaders have been convening in Madrid, Spain for the United Nations' summit on climate change. Among them was a delegation of Indigenous youth. Wyoming Public Radio's Melodie Edwards caught up with one of the delegates who is there representing the Wind River Reservation. Micah (Big Wind) Lott addressed over 500,000 people on a stage with renowned activist Greta Thunberg, and when the delegation protested at the U.S. Embassy, they were among 75 Indigenous activists arrested by Spanish police.

Big Wind begins with an introduction in Arapaho.

Ski Resorts Sweeten The Pie To Attract Seasonal Workers

Most ski resorts across the region have opened for the season at this point. And record amounts of snow had some resorts in opening early this year. But resorts don’t just rely on snow - seasonal workers are also vital and as Wyoming Public Radio’s Maggie Mullen reports, they’re becoming as unpredictable as the weather.   

Smartphones, New Tech Forces Nature Photographers To Take A New Angle

The Mountain West is a mecca for nature photographers. But they’re facing some new competitors these days - us. Anyone with a smart phone now has a fancy camera in their pocket. And if they’re lucky - can stumble on a shot that a professional photographer’s been waiting on for days. A grizzly, the elusive black-footed ferret. A perfect sunrise. The Mountain West News Bureau’s Madelyn Beck reports.

Governor Gordon Discusses Budget And Revenue Strategies

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon presented his budget to the legislature's Joint Appropriations Committee this week and it didn't feature massive budget cuts some were predicting due to a downturn in revenue. The governor joins Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck to discuss his strategy along with some other topics.

As Winter Approaches, All Eyes Turn Toward Rocky Mountain Snowpack

So much of the West’s water security is wrapped up in snow. When it melts, it becomes drinking and irrigation water for millions throughout the region. A high snowpack lets farmers,  skiers and water managers breathe a sigh of relief. While a low one can spell long-term trouble. Luke Runyon reports on what the upcoming winter might bring.

Lakota Author Tiffany Midge On Her New Book 'Bury My Heart At Chuck E. Cheese'

Lakota author, poet and Indian Country today columnist Tiffany Midge has a new book. Many of her humorist essays have been compiled in Bury My Heart At Chuck E. Cheese. In this new book, she talks about Native representation in movies, pussy hats, and why humor is important in Indian Country. Taylar Stagner has more.

Cheyenne Principal Receives Prestigious National Award

Educators put in a lot of time with little recognition, but sometimes a light shines on their work. Recently, in Cheyenne, a well thought of principal was awarded a major prize. Wyoming Public Radio’s Ivy Engel explains.