Debra Swedberg, Mathematics Department Head At Casper College

Feb 10, 2015

Credit Debra Swedberg

Why do I love WPR? Where to begin? The morning without Morning Edition leaves me feeling empty and detached. Just to hear the voices of my friends, David Green, Renee Montaigne, Steve Innskeep, Melanie Edwards and Bob Beck helps me get out of bed! Well, that isn’t completely true – I have a morning version of the “driveway moments”. I will finish listening to a story before I put my feet on the ground. 

I spent several years traveling around the state and I was always thankful for WPR and learned at what point I needed to change to the next dial on the radio – for instance, traveling from Casper to Laramie, you need to change from 91.3 to 91.9 right at the rest stop 45 miles out of Casper! 

In April, my Mother and I participated in Story Corp where we talked about wage inequality she experienced as she was raising me and my brother. That brought us closer together and I learned more about her younger life and the struggles that I didn’t understand at the time.

My husband bought satellite radio for my new vehicle a few years back and I knew what was expected as an appropriate response: Thank you! I love it! BUT I was thinking: “No, it’s a waste of money! I want to hear my NPR stories throughout the day.”

Along those same lines, my husband decided to discontinue the satellite radio recently and is now listening to WPR (I will take credit for that!) and we have had more conversations based on stories we heard on NPR at the end of the day. So I can think of WPR as a marriage assistor!