Darcy B. Gardiner - Laramie WY

Feb 16, 2015

Darcy Gardiner and her dog, Precious
Credit Darcy Gardiner

Wyoming Public Radio brings award-winning news, educational and cultural programming to both nearby and remote communities across our state to entice the mind and create an informed Wyoming citizenry, necessary for participation in a democratic society. In one of the least populated states, WPR is a resource like no other. It is a window to the world - and for many, a particular story can actually change a life and inspire new choices - or new understandings. History has shown that societies thrive and prosper when minds are challenged and stimulated by shared information, the arts, architecture, theater, music and science. Each are engines that explore new possibilities and tempt our endeavors into new vistas.

Public radio is just that - public. It exists for all, no matter race, creed, color or wealth or social position. It is not just for the elite. Armed with only an FM radio, for pennies a day, all Americans can share news of events - as well as our combined culture. And, the cost is minimal compared to how many it rewards, making it a truly sound investment in shaping not only our present - but our future. In short, public radio is a national treasure to be enjoyed, cherished and fiercely protected - because turning off this voice will be a vacuum of silence none of us can afford.