Critical Infrastructure Bill Moves To The House Floor

Feb 3, 2019

Credit Stephanie Joyce

A controversial bill that some say infringes on first amendment rights has passed a Wyoming legislative committee and will move to the House floor.

It imposes tougher penalties against protestors who intentionally disrupt the operation of critical infrastructure such as refineries or power plants. Casper Representative Joe MacGuire successfully amended the bill to expand it beyond the energy industry.

"It sort of levels the playing field and makes it both ways. If you are impeding an emergency service like a fire department and they can't get to my house because there's a protest, to me that's impeding critical infrastructures," said MacGuire.

Cheyenne resident Larry Wolfe said a better approach would be to have businesses provide better security. Former Governor Matt Mead vetoed a similar bill last year. It's scheduled to be heard by the full House on Monday.