COVID-19 Business Protection Bill Moves Forward

Mar 1, 2021

Senate Judiciary Chairwoman Tara Nethercott
Credit Bob Beck

The Wyoming Senate is debating a bill that's intended to protect businesses from liability if someone is exposed to COVID-19 in their establishment.

Senate Judiciary Chairwoman Tara Nethercott admitted it's highly unlikely a COVID-19 lawsuit against a business would be successful, but she said the bill does give small businesses an added level of protection.

"The business community is very much concerned about this issue as one can imagine. They're continuing concerns and we want to make sure Wyoming is a place that's open for business and our businesses feel comfortable being open for business," said Nethercott.

Laramie Sen. Chris Rothfuss objected to the bill saying that it unfairly sides with businesses over their employees and customers. The bill will be debated two more times.