Controversial Change In University Of Wyoming Curriculum

Apr 3, 2014

A change in University of Wyoming course requirements is causing controversy among faculty and students.

The change affects the general education curriculum of the entire university.  Students seeking a bachelor’s degree have to take the courses required under this program.

The new requirements are scheduled to take effect in the Fall of 2015.  It eliminates diversity, global awareness, and foreign language requirements from the required undergraduate curriculum.  It also reduces science and math requirements. 

African American and Diaspora Studies director Tracey Patton says the change will harm the competitiveness of students who graduate from the University of Wyoming.  “I am often asked to give recommendations for students who are applying for jobs,” Patton says.  “

One of the questions that I am continually asked is, does your student work well with diverse groups?  And if students at the University of Wyoming are not getting training in diversity awareness or global awareness, how am I going to be able to recommend that student?”

But UW spokesman Chad Baldwin says the update will streamline the Wyoming bachelor’s degree.  “It boils down to this question: how many credits should a well-prepared and well-organized bachelor’s degree candidate have to take to complete the general education requirements?”

There will be a public forum on April 15th in the University of Wyoming Union Central Ballroom to discuss the change.