Contact Tracing Smartphone App Could Assist Public Health Officials

Jul 8, 2020

Credit Care19

Contact tracing is one of the most difficult aspects of fighting COVID-19, but a new state-backed app could assist Wyoming officials in that effort.

The Care19 Diary app has been used in both North and South Dakota to help public health officials map the spread of the coronavirus.

The app is now available for Wyoming residents as well.

"We view this as an additional tool that is available to citizens who choose to participate," said Michael Pearlman, a spokesperson for Gov. Mark Gordon. "We recognize that not everyone will want to download the app, but this app provides our contact tracing teams an additional resource to bolster their efforts."

Care19 tracks where you've been for the past 14 days. Should you test positive for COVID-19, you would have the option of sharing that information with the Wyoming Department of Health.

Governor Mark Gordon touted the new app during a press conference last week.

"The data is anonymous, it's completely voluntary," Gordon said. "And it is now available."

Data collected by the app is stored on a server, but not identified with the individual app user, rather a random ID number. No other personal information is collected.

"The user can choose to share the data with the state if they get sick," Pearlman said. "Or they can use it as a reminder about locations they've visited if they get a call from a contact tracer."

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