Congresswoman wants to protect Wyoming from lawsuits

Mar 23, 2012

Wyoming Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis will once again ask for congressional support to keep people from suing over Wyoming’s ability to manage wolves. Such legislation was approved on behalf of Montana and Idaho.  Lummis failed in a previous attempt in December, but she is more optimistic following the Wyoming legislature’s passage of wolf management legislation.  Lummis says she will also be watching closely to make sure that federal officials support the state. 

“My role is to make sure that this time the U-S Fish and Wildlife service will stand up for the plan that it says will protect the recovery of these wolves.  This has gone on way too long, those wolves are long since recovered.  The U-S Fish and Wildlife service has testified on the record in Congress that the wolf has long since fully recovered.”

Wyoming officials hope to begin wolf hunts this fall.