Congressional report card shows Wyo's lawmakers most conservative

Jan 20, 2014

Wyoming’s Congressional delegation is among the most conservative in the country.  That’s according to a congressional report card released this week by GovTrack, a government watch dog website. 

Senator Mike Enzi ranked second most conservative and Senator John Barrasso ranked sixth.  Representative Cynthia Lummis ranked forty-fourth most conservative in the house, placing her in the top 15 percent in that body.  The report card also shows that Barrasso and Lummis were among the least likely to co-sponsor bills with someone of the opposite party. On the other hand, Enzi was the third most likely Republican to work with a Democrat.   

GovTrack founder Josh Tauberer says the report card isn’t about judging politicians as good or bad. 

“The goal isn’t really to quantify effectiveness in total,” he says.  “It’s really to give a broader context for other information you might find on GovTrack and what you’re reading about in newspapers.”

All three representatives showed strong republican leadership in getting their bills out of committee so that they could go to vote.  And all three were able to move their bills along by attracting powerful co-sponsers.