Computer Error Means More Hunting Licenses Available For Sale

Jul 17, 2014

A computer error has left the Wyoming Game and Fish with nearly 700 leftover hunting licenses. The agency reported today that the error only affected a small percentage of online sales.

Jennifer Doering with Game and Fish says that website visitors who attempted to reserve group licenses didn’t see a confirmation screen after making their purchase. The result was that many people thought their sale had not gone through—so they tried again.

“Each time this happened, they reserved it—and it appeared on our back end that those licenses had been sold to those customers. So depending on how many times a customer attempted this, it reserved those licenses under that individual and actually set them aside as sold to that customer,” Doering explained.

She says the leftover licenses are for elk, deer, and antelope and the agency will make them available for sale at 8:00 am on July 24th. Hunters can purchase the licenses online, or at any license-selling agent or Game and Fish office.