Compressed Natural Gas Station Coming To Teton County

Jan 29, 2014

Teton County drivers will soon be able to buy compressed natural gas at a filling station in Jackson.  The State Loan and Investment Board granted $766,000 towards the purchase of equipment for the project.  

Jackson mayor Mark Barron chairs Energy Conservation Works, which will develop the station. He says Teton County is poised to make compressed natural gas an accessible and cheaper alternative to gasoline.   “We currently have four natural gas pick-up trucks in our public works department,” Barron says.  “I look forward to being able to convert or buy our next start bus.  We’re moving 900,000 people each year.  It’s very important for us to have a clean, reliable and less expensive fuel source.”

Barron would like to see Wyoming build more compressed natural gas stations. He says natural gas is abundant in Wyoming, burns cleaner and costs less than premium gasoline. Currently, there is a compressed natural gas filling station in Riverton as well as several more along the I-80 corridor.