Companion Musical Adds To Guys And Dolls Legacy

Sep 8, 2017

Credit H. Michael Roberts — Roberts Imaging


The classic 1950s musical Guys and Dolls gave us Frank Sinatra throwing dice and crooning “Luck Be A Lady Tonight” in a fedora. The comedy is a staple of community and high school theater, and has seen numerous Broadway revivals over the years. 

Playwright Mark Saltzman is now looking to add to that legacy with his companion musical Another Roll of the Dice, which premiered at the Wyoming Theater Festival this week, and has performances running through September 17.

His show re-unites the music of Frank Loesser and the stories of author Damon Runyon, the original minds behind Guys and Dolls. Saltzman told Wyoming Public Radio’s Caroline Ballard his own creative interest was sparked when he was a teenager reading Runyon’s stories.