Community College Credits Don't Seamlessly Transfer To UW

Mar 2, 2018


Representatives from the University of Wyoming and the state’s community colleges testified before the Senate Education Committee Friday asking lawmakers to approve a bill that would create a common transcript.


Currently, UW and the community colleges use separate systems for awarding course credits. Casper Senator Bill Landen said that means students end up losing credits and having to retake classes. He said his own daughter brought this issue to his attention.


“She is one of those that ended up getting trapped by this drill down that takes place,” said Landen. “We get all the way down at the university level to a director or professor of a given department that decides a certain course isn’t quite adequate.”


Landen said retaking classes unnecessarily costs students both time and money.


Advocates also pointed out that, at a time when increasing the number of Wyomingites with advanced degrees has been identified by Governor Matt Mead as integral to the advancement of the state’s economy, a common transcript will encourage community college students to continue their studies at UW.


The bill originally brought by Powell Representative David Northrup will be considered on the floor of the Senate.