Community Action Agency Asks For Input From Washakie County

Mar 24, 2021

Credit Goshen Help

A community-action agency, serving six counties around the state, is seeking input to prioritize assistance in Washakie County.

As Goshen Help has grown to support those living at the poverty level through grants, the agency wants to make sure the community is involved in setting policy and programs, as well as determining how the funds are spent to help people in the community.

Executive director Kyle Borger said the pandemic has made them shift focus away from rent and utility assistance.

"We're starting to look a little bit more at preventative care," he said. "What are some health measures that we might be able to provide in our communities to help people to address it in multiple ways, whether that's physical health, mental health, financial health."

Goshen Help receives Community Service Block Grants. Part of the criteria for getting those grants is for the community to decide where funds go.

"The nonprofit, like ourselves, would be in essence, owned by the communities that we serve, they will give input as to what our policies and procedures are, what our programs and services are," said Borger. "And the way that they do that is by being involved with us."

Borger said there hasn't been much participation yet in Washakie County due to the pandemic. Those who want to participate in a survey and find more info can go to