Cody School Employees Show Interest In Concealed Carry

Nov 21, 2017

Park County School District School Board Meeting 11/20/17
Credit Kamila Kudelska

The Park County School District Six school board in Cody is considering allowing employees to carry concealed firearms in schools.

This comes after the Wyoming State Legislature passed a law this year allowing school districts to choose whether their employees can carry guns. The reasoning for the law was that it would better protect rural schools that are far away from law enforcement.

Cody's school board sent out a survey to employees last week to get a better understanding of how they feel about having armed personnel, and who would be willing to carry a firearm.

At a board meeting Monday night, the superintendent of the district, Ray Schulte said there was some interest in carrying.

“We had 30 to 40 people who said they would be interested in doing it or willing to do it,” said Schulte. “And of course, they won't say for sure or commit for sure until we have a policy to share with them.”

The school is also investing in other security measures to ensure the safety of the students said Schulte.

At the meeting, the school board trustees highlighted their main concerns with the policy, including the requirement of a psychological evaluation, the number of training hours required, and who would be allowed to conceal and carry.

During the public comment, three Cody High School students opposed the firearm policy saying it would be a distraction and dangerous for the students. The board will hold a special meeting to draft a written policy next week.