Cody Non-Profit Focuses On High School Girls Healthy Dating Relationships

Dec 16, 2020

Credit Bob Beck / Natrona County High School

Bright Futures, a Cody local non profit, focuses on mentoring for youth. This year, the organization decided to focus on helping young women with healthy dating relationships. 

Director Diane Ballard said the organization focuses on milestones in young people's lives. The new program, Empower, focuses on teenagers beginning to date, which is a huge step into the unknown. 

"We address topics such as gender stereotypes, self image and beauty standards, teen dating, violence, relationship, red flags, intuition, things like that all to build healthy relationships," said Ballard.

There are also women mentors available at each meeting if a student would like to chat more about what they learned. Ballard said the voluntary monthly meetings are held during the high school lunch period. She said they hope to start a program for high school boys as well.