Cody Firearms Curator Judges New Competition Show On Discovery

Nov 1, 2018

A new Discovery Channel show features one of Wyoming’s own. Ashley Hlebinsky is the curator of the Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West and is now a judge on “Master of Arms” as well.

The show is a timed competition where three craftsmen compete to make a functioning replica of a firearm, blade or bow from history. The weapons are tested and judged by four judges.

Hlebinsky judges on historical accuracy and aspects of the weapon while the other judges concentrate on functionality and craftsmanship.

For Hlebinsky, the show brings the history of weapon-making to life.

“When these things [weapons] were being made hundreds of years ago, you have to think about the apprentice to master process and that kind of artistic area that these crafts people came from,” said Hlebinsky.

Hlebinsky said the show goes beyond the object into the story.

“A lot of different types of history and narratives come out of the show even if you’re not someone that's interested in swords, and knives or guns,” said Hlebinsky.

The first season of Master of Arms premiers on Discovery Channel on November 2.