Claire Dunne - Worland WY

Mar 13, 2014

Claire Dunne and her son Cody Dunne in front of the White House.
Credit Claire Dunne

My name is Claire Dunne, I live in Worland Wyoming with my husband Richard Dunne, who’s also an NPR listener, and I’d like to tell you story of how we first found Wyoming Public Radio. We moved from a city to a farm in Manderson Wyoming in 1984 and for a year we couldn’t get any NPR reception.

We had a little baby and as soon he started to crawl he headed straight for the radio, straight for the knobs. And in order to preserve our stereo system we moved it all upstairs to the second floor and…lo and behold we were able to receive NPR for the first time. After a year of cultural deprivation, we were getting NPR on the air-waves and we’ve never stopped listening. Our son by the way is 28 now and he is still attracted by all those knobs and buttons. He’s now a researcher with IBM and an NPR listener.