Citizens Climate Lobby Hopes Pitches A Conservative Solution To Climate Change

Feb 24, 2017

Credit Citizens Climate Lobby

A group of conservative thinkers who are concerned about climate change are proposing an approach that they hope will encourage companies to look to reduce carbon pollution. The proposal would also attempt to encourage average people to use cleaner energy. It’s a market based solution called a climate fee and dividend.

It charges a fee on industry for the amount of carbon burned and gives a dividend to consumers to help them pay for rising energy costs associated with the plan, which means the fee would eventually get returned to the companies.

The plan is to move money around to reduce emissions and not hurt the economy. Those behind the proposal are called the Citizens Climate Lobby. A number of chapters are being developed in Wyoming and Wesley Frain is from the Cheyenne chapter. He told Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck that it should be revenue neutral.