Chief Joseph Scenic Byway Repairs Resume

May 20, 2019

A project to repair a slide on the Chief Joseph Scenic Byway, 20 miles from Cody, will be resuming work next week. The $5.54 million repair started last August after the road slid in April.

Cody Beers, a public relations specialist with the Wyoming Department of Transportation, said this road is very important to the state because it connects Wyoming to the North East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park and the All-American Beartooth Highway.

"It's an important road in linking people to that area of the world," said Beers. "It's an important road for tourism and economics of northwest Wyoming."

Beers said all parties involved realized this and the process of construction was accelerated.

"That's a process that usually takes three to five years but everybody in that room made it a priority," said Beers. "We all worked together to where we are today which is a rebuilt slide area."

The Chief Joseph Scenic Byway will remain open as the final repairs are made, which includes paving and trailhead construction. Beers said the road should be complete by June 30.