A Cheyenne lawmaker defends Legislative group

Cheyenne, Wy – Last week several Wyoming lawmakers went to Washington D-C for the winter meeting of the American Legislative Exchange Council. That group supports state legislators from around the country by helping them develop legislation. That legislation is meant to advance principles like limited government, a free market and federalism. Exactly how many Wyoming lawmakers belong to the Exchange Council, or ALEC is unknown because it doesn't disclose that information. It also has been criticized because corporations can be members who get to propose legislation and vote on it. The state chair of ALEC, Representative Pete Illoway from Cheyenne defends this relationship.
"Corporations have a certain right to have legislation that is good for them, if it's good for the state and good for the people it generally works."
The Wyoming Democratic Party says private companies do have a right to have their say, but ALEC should disclose when it pays for lawmakers to travel and should disclose which corporations are donors.