Casper Passes Non-Discrimination Resolution

Feb 22, 2018

On Tuesday, Casper became the latest community in Wyoming to pass a non-discrimination resolution for LGBT residents. The resolution passed Casper’s city council with a six to three vote.

Credit Casper College

It does not hold the same legal teeth as an ordinance, but Reverend Dee Lundberg said it’s a start. She is with Casper’s PFLAG group, an LGBT advocacy organization. During previous city council meetings, there was discussion of drafting another version of the resolution, one that would take out the specific references to LGBT people. Lundberg said she’s glad that version did not move forward.

“Things need to be named and acknowledged as a truth, instead of hiding behind a blanket statement of ‘we don’t discriminate against anybody, kumbaya,’ and that’s not the reality we live in,” said Lundberg.

Councilmen Shawn Johnson and Chris Walsh said they didn’t support the resolution because anti-discrimination laws already exist at the state and federal level. It remains legal in Wyoming to fire, evict or refuse service to anyone because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.