Casper The Friendly City?: Resident Input Fuels Rebranding Effort

Jul 31, 2014

The city of Casper is looking to upgrade its image and raise its profile as a tourist destination. And it’s taking special care to make sure the people of Casper are behind the city’s new brand. 

Casper Mountain.
Credit Josh Hallett via Flickr Creative Commons

Last year, the city hired Casper-based firm AdBay to create a re-branding campaign for $80,000. Since then, they’ve been in research mode. Creative Director Shawk Houck says asking Casperites what they think gives their city personality has been key to the process.

“It’s not just about developing a logo or a slogan,” Houck said. “It’s about really uncovering our true identity as a community. And that true identity has to be truthful. It can’t be an aspirational identity. It can’t be here’s what we want to be. It has to be really who we are.”

Currently, the city markets itself as the "Adventure Capital," but Houck says his research shows that doesn't necessarily match up with Casper's idea of itself. 

Surveys of locals show Casper Mountain to be a point of pride, Houck says. And the top words those surveyed used to describe their city’s atmosphere include ‘friendly,’ ‘windy’ and ‘boring.’

AdBay has just finished its research and will now begin to craft the campaign, which should be rolled out on websites and brochures this October.

The company is hosting a series of workshops in its office beginning August 11th, inviting people to write slogans and design logos that reflect their view of their hometown.