With Campgrounds Bursting, Officials Call To Increase Size Of State Park

Feb 21, 2018

Medicine Lodge State Archaeological Site near Worland in the Bighorn Mountains has been occupied by people for over 10,000 years and visitors have long flocked there to see panels of ancient rock art.

Wyoming State Parks administrator Domenic Bravo said traffic has also increased there thanks to staff-led programs, like youth hunting camps and a groomed ice rink.

“Over the last couple years, we’ve seen almost a 65 percent increase in visitation which is pretty substantial for that area,” Bravo said. “For the most part, the camping areas have been at capacity most weekends. So being able to have this additional property, we can really start to serve our customers and our constituents in a much better way.”

The park would add 52 acres of state-owned lands, almost doubling the park's size. Currently, those lands are managed as wildlife or state trust lands.

The state Senate has passed the bill and it now moves onto the house for further consideration.