Businessman Sam Galeotos Announces Bid For Governor's Seat

Mar 21, 2018

Credit Sam Galeotos Campaign

Travel industry businessman Sam Galeotos, a Republican, grew up in Cheyenne and went on to serve as an executive of an airline company and eventually ran other travel-related companies including and Worldspan. 

After returning to Wyoming, Galeotos started the technology company Green House Data in Cheyenne. He said his business experience would serve him well as governor.

“You know, I’ve been a chief executive running large national and global companies. I know how to take advantage of capturing efficiencies and cost savings and I think that is a very high priority for the next governor of our state.”

Galeotos said running these businesses will help him deal with Wyoming’s revenue shortfalls and the need for budget cuts when necessary. He said, while it’s important to diversify Wyoming’s economy into more technology and manufacturing, the main priority is strengthening its traditional industries first.

“We need to focus on maximizing output from our three biggest industries in the state and that would be energy, the travel and tourism industry—which I’m very familiar with—and agriculture. We need to help get government out of the way of these energy companies, both at the state and federal levels.”

Galeotos operates several farms and ranches around the state as well.