Budget Committee Votes In Favor Of Medicaid Expansion Proposal

Feb 27, 2014

Lawmakers finishing up work on the state budget have accepted a compromise amendment that encourages the Governor and other members of state government to figure out a way to expand Medicaid under Wyoming terms. 

Conference Committee members accepted a version of a House amendment that now says the state may work with federal officials on an expansion plan, as long as Medicaid Expansion doesn't harm Wyoming businesses.  Dan Neal of the Equality State Policy Center credits the public for convincing lawmakers to do something.

"We think that it's been this big public outcry about this, that we don't want to leave all this money on the table, we've got a chance now to improve the quality of life for tens of thousands of Wyoming people, why shouldn't we do it and see if we can make it work"

The Wyoming Department of Health is required to report to the legislature's Joint Labor and Health Committee by November first on the progress of negotiations.  That could lead to a Wyoming Medicaid expansion bill for lawmakers to consider in 2015.